6.66b tricks

this is hard not to post...enjoy !

Leaver Barathrum trick

You now have moving vision of the other hero. yay!

Dota 6.65 new hero Nightcrawler

Can't wait for the new hero, the nightcrawler, to come out along with the new 6.65 dota map.

It has strange skills, a backstab maybe or a maelstrom? Attacking while remaining invisible...lol. Imba?

Is it like the dota hero Balanar? which gets stronger during the night?

Is it Agi? Int? or Str based?

Or maybe its not even a hero..maybe it's an upgraded lothars?

What do you think?


Dota 6.63b Random Axe Bug

Found this cool Dota 6.63b Random Axe Bug on youtube.
I do know someone who may want to have this Axe as his random hero.
It's like the Dota 6.59d Random Nevermore Bug.

I haven't really tried doing it but others say that typing -random agi instead of just typing -random only will give you Void, and -random int will give you necrolyte.

I'll give an update when I'm done testing.


DotA 6.62 Infinite bottle charges bug

Just posted what i found on Ytube.
Now you dont need to check for runes every 2 minutes just to fill up your bottle.
The extra power up is still nice though. ^_^

Dota Creep Pulling

This is a video i found about some tips on how to creep pull in Dota....

When do I have to pull?
attack the creeps approx. at xx:00 or xx:30

B2 & B4:
attack the creeps approx. at xx:15 or xx:45, when you want to pull an additional spot it depends on the creeps from spot B2/B4

C4 (during day):
about the same time as spot B2 & B4 (xx:15 or xx:45)

C4 (during night):
pull about at xx:20 or xx:50